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At Mothra Research, these are not just cliches, this is how we live life. Some are destined to live life in mediocrity and others to fulfill the destiny of others. We are destined to bring life to all audiophiles suffering from lifelessness.

Now some might think that cable manufacturers are nothing more greedy snake oil vendors. At Mothra, you won't get snake oil; you'll get the entire snake, BIG, FAT, HEAVY snake cables. And if you think we're greedy, then you must not have four extremely greedy ex-wives to support, but that's another story and this is the story about us........

Rodan Interconnect Assembly Line at our Moscow Facility

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, (Moscow, CA if you have to know), a group of six audiophiles got together and after listening to the Beatles White Album backwards four times while dining on Dr. Timothy Leary's magic spice, they determined that there was more to life. They determined that fat cables were better.

Unfortunately, we lost Albert back in 1969, may he rest in peace. Jasmine claims that her tea was not the cause.

Alfred gave his life to the cause in 1974, but it was his basic research into the radiation of life that makes up the core of our Power Generating technology. We are firmly convinced that it is now safe and completely reliable despite the reports from Tokyo.

Britney is yet another of our founding group that is no longer with us. Back in 1978, Jasmine and she went shopping. Jasmine returned with a fine new set of red pumps. Britney has been missing ever since.

To reach any of the remaining group of three, email us:

Jasmine - Sales, Support and Style

Godzilla - Research and Radiation

Mothra - The Big Cheese