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Our charming Mothra Technicians Rob and Jorge display our hand crafted carrying case for the Mothra Power Cord. These cases are produced from rare and highly endangered tropical hardwoods, and have been scientifically proven to enhance the apparent sound of your system. Cases are available for all Mothra products. Please call or write for prices, as some species may be extinct at time of ordering.

Mothra Research Room Treatments -


O-legs Absorber (installed)

Mothra Research Acoustic Listening Devices -

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Hand sewn by Romanian gypsies from the finest corinthian leather culled from cows raised listening exclusively to Wagner or Tchaikovsky (please specify when placing order), these EZ-Chairs have it all. Fully motorized for out-of-the house excursions, they are designed for listening, fine dining, sleeping, working, in fact everything you could ever possibly wish to do. Pictured above are the "Perry Como" and "Pat Boone" models.

For those of you grown corpulent from extended listening sessions, we also offer the "Perry Mason" pictured below. Designed to hold a family of four, or a single big and wide audiophile, this fine listening device offers the best in extended listening comfort. Includes catheter.


Mothra Research Acoustic Eggs -


Move over Mpingo and Shakti, these Mothra Research Acoustic Eggs are the real thing! A few of these acoustic eggs, specially placed in your listening room, will give your system the full, rich lifelike sound that you deserve. Engineered using partial DNA strands from the lunar probe, these acoustic eggs make your system sound spatious, organic and yes, "almost alive." What will our R&D department think of next? Caution, for best results always maintain a 2 meter distance from Motra Research Acoustic Eggs.

Mothra Research Acoustic Listening Shoes -

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Our best seller:

An innovation in listening pleasure only possible through the advanced research of Mothra. These listening shoes are ergonomically designed to suit your personal listening style, whether one marches with Wagner, prances with Piotr, or simply has to wade through the drivel, these shoes are the perfect listening accoutrement. For a modest fee, our delightful matron, Jasmine, will gladly hand deliver your shoes and assist with the fitting!