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Mothra Research Speaker Wire -

The most incredible speaker wire ever made. Huge and heavy, it is guaranteed to impress your friends. When price is no object, select the hefty Anaconda Series . If you are on a tight budget, select our cute and affordable Garter Series . Lets all the music come through, and then some! Adds excitement to your listening sessions.

Anaconda Series -


Gives you a gigantic soundstage through this extraordinarily wide guage cable. The highs are crystal clear, and the lows are deep and profound. This is a speaker wire that will really grip you. We guarantee that this wire will leave you breathless. Note: this cable requires special attention at hook-up, a task best left up to the skilled professionals of Mothra Research.

Garter Series -


Cute, short and affordable. This is our user serviceable cable. Doesn't have the same power as the Anaconda, but is smooth and silky nonetheless.

Anaconda series is available in lengths up to 6 meters. Garter is available in one meter lengths only and may be best suited for monoblock operation.