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Otis Walker -
"The prosecution could call another twenty scientists and expert witnesses to testify about the bio hazards of Mothra Research's interconnects, and that still won't make me believe that the tails growing from the neck of every puppy in my dog's recent litter, is anything other then a coincidence."

Britney Spears -
"Like wow, I heard Valery conduct the, like, Kirov and it was really bitchin'. I wanna have his baby in the worst possible way after listening to Mothra Research! He's such a hunk."

Valery Gergiev -
"Боже, какая грудь у этой Бритни! К сожалению, ее пение хуже, чем рев тысячи верблюдов. Я был бы непрочь... потолковать о музыке наедине с ней, одетой только в интерконнекты Mothra. Правда, пришлось бы заклеить ей рот надежной липкой лентой Mothra."
(" My god, that Britney Spears has wonderful breasts. Unfortunately, her voice is worse than a thousand camels breaking wind. I wouldn't mind screwing her brains out, after tying her up with some Mothra wire, but I think I would need to put some Mothra duct tape over her mouth.")

Suzy, an audiophile -
"If you think wetting my pants every time a truck passes my house is bad, you ought to see what I leave in them whenever I listen to my Mothras!"