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Ghidorah , the very best balanced interconnect available, at any price!

Our patented three headed connector and bioengineered insulation make this interconnect truly special. The Ghidorah will transport you to new heights of musical ecstacy. You will hear the roar of the brass, the crash and hiss of the cymbal, the wafting emotions of the violin and playful tones of the woodwinds like never before.

This is truly the proverbial "wire with gain". Our in-house listening tests confirm a 23.7% boost in signal strength. Harmonics are considerably improved over the original performances.

The Ghidorah uses a special platinum/palladium blended alloy in a hyper-Litz configuration. This design was originally created by Mothra's elite Research and Development department for use at the planned superconducting supercollider to power the magnets. Indeed, we are very pleased to confirm that the design cost of this wire was a crucial element in the budget overruns leading to the cancellation of this project by the US Congress. Now their loss is your gain, and you can have this spectacular wire in your own home for a fraction of the original proposed costs.

Caution - keep away from pets and small children.