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Real Wire
Mothra Power Cord, 1 meter, being loaded for shipping

The Original Mothra Power Cord -

This was the first Mothra Research audiophile product, and still our biggest seller. Other companies try to make big power cords, and we break wind in their general direction. As big as a lead pipe? As big as your arm? As big as a boa constrictor? As big as a car? As big as Jasmine's thighs? Ha ! These babies are bigger than your average house, and more expensive, too.


Designed and engineered for proper frequency handling from the wall tap to your equipment, the Mothra Power Cord uses 0.0001 mm palladium wire in a helium atmosphere to carry high frequencies, 0.001 mm platinum wire in a xenon atmosphere to carry the upper midranges, 0.01 mm gold wire in an argon atmosphere to carry the lower mids, and 0.1 mm silver wire in highly reactive sulphur hexafluoride to carry the low frequencies. This is then shielded with over 700 Kg of 99.9999% copper, packed into a special neodymium-bismuth damping material, encapsulated in our specially bioengineered case, and irradiated with high intensity gamma rays from Three Mile Island reactor #2.

Incredible, you say? Indeed it is, and the experts agree. This is the best and most expensive power cord money can buy. But most importantly, it is BIG BIG BIG.

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