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Mothra Power!

The latest development in clean, uninterruptable, audiophile-grade power, delivered directly to your house.

The search for audio perfection has driven many audiophiles to after-market power cords and home rewiring with 99.9999% oxygen-free copper, or medical grade pure silver wiring. But they are left with the nagging problem - "What about my power company? Can they really deliver audiophile quality power? Are their capacitors Wondercaps ? Are their transformers made with audio-grade wire? And why aren't the power lines to my home much much thicker?"

We at Mothra Research have tackled this major problem in the marketing industry head on! Our new service - Mothra Power - delivers audiophile grade power directly to your home. Choose from two services:

Mothra Power Gold - Using a special patented technology that is an offshoot from the top secret Russian Military Quantum Mechanics program, Mothra Power can utilize the existing power connections to your home and still deliver near perfection in audiophile quality power. How do we do it? We could tell you, but then we'd have to shoot you. So trust us, this is the best price/performance selection currently on the market.

Mothra Power Platinum - Costs a bit more than our gold service, but worth it. Working directly with your power company, we rewind select turbines and transformers with 99.9999% oxygen-free copper, capacitors are all specialty grade and very espensive. Then we use our own uniquely fabricated, hand-braided transmission lines, constructed with pure silver wire, in an optimal configuration, teflon coated under a pure argon atmosphere. Then, in one of those touches that only Mothra Research can provide, we fire the meter reader from your local power company and replace him with our own specially trained "power technicians."

Mothra Power Technicians  - the best in the business

By special request, Mothra Power can arrange to produce your electricity using high quality methane produced by the Department of Sanitation, Bruckner Division. Please contact your local sales representative for this service.