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Mothra Research Rodan Interconnect -

The perfect interconnect for those of you who cannot afford our top-of-the-line Ghidorah interconnect. The Rodan uses 99.9999% oxygen free copper, sealed into a methane environment, and hermetically wrapped in our proprietary bioengineered polymer. Unlike other so called "audiophile grade" copper, ours has been bombarded by high energy neutrons and beta particles at Chernobyl #3 for a minimum of 17 hours. This yields a rich and full sound unparalleled at this price range. This is the original Mothra Research interconnect, that hit the audio world by storm in 1998.


Mothra Press Release, June 1998 - Rodan interconnect takes the audio world by storm !  The Osaka-based Japan Audio Society says, "This interconnect simply devastates the competition.  It lays waste to each of its predecessors, offering unparalleled clarity and resolution.  The claims of radiation poisoning are wildly exaggerated and can be treated in most well equipped hospitals."