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NEW! Mothra Audiophile Fuses & Power Slugs

Other companies ignore power fuses, and we break wind in their general direction. You haven't replaced your fuses? Ha! Didn't you know that the sonic consequence is similar to that of a series resistor, in an audio circuit, that has low temperature stability. Experience full high temperature, audio ecstasy with new Mothra Super Fuses.

Designed and engineered for proper frequency handling from the wall tap to your equipment, the Mothra super fuse uses 0.0001 mm palladium wire in a helium atmosphere to carry high frequencies, 0.001 mm platinum wire in a xenon atmosphere to carry the upper midrange, 0.01 mm gold wire in an argon atmosphere to carry the lower mids, and 0.1 mm silver wire in highly reactive sulphur hexafluoride to carry the low frequencies. Some modification may be required for gear with puny, little typical fuse holders. (See Mothra Fuse Holder Retrofit Kits.)

The Ultimate, the Mothra Slug

Fuses are fine for some, but real audiophiles insist on slug bypass of all fuses*. And our new Ultimate Slug is the best and most expensive power slug money can buy. But most importantly, it is BIG BIG BIG. Get rid of those fuses, even our Super Fuse. Our Slugs are solid power. Be one of the truly daring, get Slugged, baby! All Slugs are professionally platinum welded in place by our expert installation crew.

Mothra Slugs, Fuseless Ecstasy!

* Up To Date Fire Insurance Highly Recommended.