Lightstep (ServiceNow) is a San Francisco-based software company that enables teams to detect and resolve regressions quickly, regardless of system scale or complexity. Lightstep's easy-to-use distributed tracing provides complete system visibility and context at scale. Companies like Lyft, Indeed, Spotify, and Twilio rely on Lightstep's technology to ensure critical performance and reliability in their products.

When Lightstep decided to move into a new headquarters, they wanted to personalize it to best fit their 100+ employees’ needs. The new space was also double the size of their previous office, allowing them to expand as they grew.

Software company
New office build-out
San Francisco, CA
Amy Koch
Office Manager

The challenge 

Amy, Lightstep’s office manager, was responsible for managing the move. But she didn’t have experience handling one at this large of a scale, which included a nearly year-long process involving multiple vendors and steps. What’s more, Lightstep didn’t have an in-house networking expert, nor did their MSP (managed service provider) have the capability of handling networking, internet, and WiFi. 

The search for an internet service provider (ISP) was just one facet of a much bigger project. It became clear that Amy needed a trusted partner to take on everything from construction to the build-out to ongoing management once the network went live.

The switch to Meter

Amy found out about Meter through Lightstep’s real estate broker, and she was relieved that Meter sprang into action immediately. “Within days of us reaching out, Meter came to us and completed a site survey,” Amy explains. “Meter also reached out to ISPs on our behalf, keeping in mind our tight timeline.”

Next, Meter and Amy worked together to evaluate vendors. During this time, Meter suggested that Lightstep procure a primary and secondary ISP connection. When Amy decided to move forward, Meter project managed the entire installation, ensuring that all network-related construction fit seamlessly with the overall build-out plan. Lightstep received frequent and detailed status updates every step of the way.

“The care and thought Meter puts into the installation was incredible,” Amy says. “Meter even took extra care with the access points placement to make sure they weren’t disruptive to the eye.” 

Internet-ready on move in day

Lightstep had their internet and WiFi turned on before employees arrived at their new office. To provide a smooth transition, Meter built out the IT closet, installed low voltage cabling, and added Meter Wireless Access Points.

“Meter makes sure that our WiFi works 100% of the time, and handles everything related to our network. It saves me so much time and stress knowing that our network is safe, secure, and consistently monitored.”
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