Vial is a Contract Research Organization that streamlines clinical trials and brings new therapies to market more faster.  Their mission: to save more lives faster.

Research services
Project scope:
New office build-out
San Francisco, CA

The challenge

Vial is a remote-first company, but they decided to open up a new clubhouse- style space in San Francisco, where they could host internal events and hold client-based meetings. Ashley Keefer, an executive assistant at Vial, was responsible for the office build-out, including setting up the internet and WiFi. She began researching ISPs before Vial signed the lease on a space.

Meter bridges the gap 

Ashley isn’t based in San Francisco, which meant she needed an on-site collaborator who could manage the complex WiFi logistics on her behalf. She says, “I needed someone I could trust who could manage all of our internet and WiFi needs without needing me to be there in person. I’ve built out an office before, but this project presented a new kind of challenge. The office we chose came with several elements that were foreign to me, like building risers that we needed to go through to set up an internet connection,” Ashley says. “My goal was to get us the best internet and WiFi based on our building’s specific criteria, fast.”

In the end, Ashley felt Meter offered the perfect solution for someone who knew what she needed, but didn’t quite know how to execute it.

“We researched a few different vendors, but Meter bridged the gap. They had answers for everything, from billing to setting up the internet service provider account to making sure that everything was installed properly.”

All-encompassing, hands-on service

Vial signed their lease in November. Immediately, Meter began working directly with Vial’s construction team, the building’s management, and internet service providers to ensure a smooth network installation — all the while keeping the building risers in mind. Meter also built out the IT closet, and installed the low-voltage cabling and access points to ensure the space had optimal performance and coverage. Vial’s internet and WiFi was up and running before Vial moved in.

As she reflects on the successful build-out, Ashley is quick to praise Vial’s partnership with Meter. “Choosing an ISP was a simple process, because Meter sourced the best options for us, then took care of the entire installation. If our service ever goes out, Meter fixes it right away,” she shares. “The best part of Meter has to be the hands-on service they provide. I never have to worry when something goes wrong, because Meter is all-encompassing.”