best practices

All the right things out of the box. Meter's hardware, software, and network engineers work together to make the right decisions for your network.


Meter doesn’t simply generate alerts. We automatically take actions to protect your network or stop an attack.

User friendly

Employees can access the network with credentials they use everywhere else. Easily generate guest passwords.


Separation is key. Meter splits traffic between employees, devices, and guests so there are no security holes. Access is granted only when needed.


We use TLS and the latest WPA standards for communication between Meter's hardware, devices on the network, and the dashboard.

Security as it should be

Unique password per device

Tied to Single Sign-On systems

Automatic off-boarding

Temporary guest passwords


Multi-gigabit throughput

802.11ac MU-MIMO hardware

Intelligent mesh networking

Why You'll love Meter

No need to design, architect, and build networks from scratch.


Multi-WAN support with failover. With dual ISP connections, Meter seamlessly switches over for load-balancing and availability.


Automatically assigned firewall and traffic rules, VLAN tags, and security profiles for different groups.


Self-forming and self-healing encrypted mesh allows for coverage even in hard-to-reach places.


One centralized location to get all the information about your network, including device details and top applications.


Dedicated security programs instantly detect interference, vulnerabilities, and attacks from inside and out.


Automatically adjusted channels based on channel congestion and frequency to avoid radio interference.


All applications are not equal. Meter detects high priority connections like VOIP and prioritizes them for the best quality.


Zero-touch. Consistent updates make sure the latest security practices are in place. Meter automatically updates with the latest patches and fixes.


In addition to implementing a robust privacy and data security program, Meter does not collect any personal or identifying information about devices or people connected to a network.

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