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WiFi-ready spaces for your tenants

Partner with Meter to offer internet & WiFi as an amenity for your tenants with zero risk or cost to you.

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Move into WiFi-ready spaces
Get connected to fast, secure, and reliable internet & WiFi without the headaches.
Partner with Meter

Differentiate your properties with tenant-ready internet & WiFi.

Zero cost to you.

Create value through tenant experience

We'll pre-install our cabling and wiring at our cost, so your tenants can simply turn their WiFi on. We'll work with you to advertise the space as WiFi-ready for your tenants.

Public-facing WiFi

Meter will build and support your buildings' public-facing WiFi, leading to a faster, more reliable, and more secure client experience.

The problem

Tenants’ expectations are changing

New technology needs

Every business relies on fast, reliable, and secure internet and WiFi, just like water & electricity.

Reduced upfront costs

Businesses don’t want to pay for expensive build-outs up-front and are looking to shed risk.

Plug & play solutions

Teams are looking for flexible and end-to-end solutions so they can start working on day one.

ISPs provide internet connection
Meter distributes the internet and WiFi throughout the space
Meter setup

How our partnership works

High-priority connections

Step 1

We pre-install our cabling in your space, so the tenant can have WiFi and internet from day one.

Step 2

We’ll provide marketing materials and work with your team to offer our services to your tenants as an amenity.

Wall-to-wall coverage

Step 3

Monthly payment starts when the tenant moves in and the WiFi and internet is turned on. Developers and owners don’t pay a dime.

Partnership promise

Zero risk

If a tenant chooses not to use Meter, we’ll uninstall our hardware at no cost to you. We’ll also leave the space wired for the next tenant to use to save TI dollars.

We only ask that you give us the opportunity to partner with the next tenant when the space turns over. Through our partnership, we are able to acquire new customers while making your spaces more attractive.

How are you different than an ISP (Comcast, Spectrum, etc.)?

The internet service provider (ISP) takes care of the connection from the outside world to your office space. They get you connected to the internet, and their services stop there. With that alone, you can connect to the internet but you won’t have full connectivity throughout your office. Meter then takes over to make sure you have full wireless coverage throughout your space by installing our hardware.
Think of the ISP as the highway to go between cities, but Meter as the surface-streets that are within a city. Without the ISP you can’t move between cities, but without Meter you can’t move within the city.

How much does your service cost?

There is zero cost for owners. We will charge your tenants a transparent monthly subscription with no hidden fees or up-front costs—they don't pay until the space is online. Learn more about our pricing here.

Partner with us

Let tenants focus on their business. We’ll handle the network.

Questions? Read our FAQ or reach out to us at

Your contact info:

Questions? Read our FAQ or reach out to us at