Stord is a leading provider of supply chain services and technology, including warehousing, transportation and fulfillment accompanied with their integrated software for companies. As the company rapidly expanded and opened many new warehouses across the US, they faced the challenge of maintaining efficient and reliable network infrastructure to support their operations, including complex order management and warehouse management systems.

Project scope:
Network as a Service
Atlanta, GA
Las Vegas, NV


Stord's rapid growth plans presented a unique set of challenges. They needed to quickly establish and maintain robust network connectivity in their expanding network of warehouses. The logistics industry demands fast and highly reliable enterprise-grade networks to get orders out the door on time to meet customer SLAs. Downtime is disruptive and extremely costly to their business. Codi Handley, the Director of IT and Security at Stord, wanted to ensure that their IT team could focus on core projects and security initiatives instead of managing complex networking tasks.

“When we first started looking into how we could scale across the country, we knew we needed a partner that could help us with networking. Moving across several different states, with different locations, the company was growing quickly and networking as a service was going to be a requirement.”


Meter was exactly what Stord was looking for; an expert partner in IT infrastructure. Meter’s end-to-end services for Stord include site surveys, wired and wireless network design, infrastructure buildout, cabling, access point deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting, software updates, and hardware maintenance. Meter’s vertically integrated solution of hardware and software seamlessly handles the demands of Stord’s large facilities. Meter ensures all connected and wireless devices, that are critical to running warehouse operations, have fast, secure, and reliable internet and WiFi. Codi’s team entrusts Meter with their network responsibilities, allowing them to focus on higher-leverage projects.

“Meter is our expert partner in all things networking. As we moved into peak season we needed to feel comfortable that if our first line of internet went down that we would have a second, if our second line of internet went down, we had a third. All that really just revolves around our customer obsession. Meter's done a great job at helping us do that.”

Customer Value:

  • Scaling internet infrastructure rapidly: Stord expanded rapidly, opening seven new warehouses in a short span. Meter seamlessly scaled with them, setting up internet and Wi-Fi at new locations within just two weeks, ensuring uninterrupted operations during expansion.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO): Meter allows Stord to reduce operating expenses, eliminate upfront equipment renewal costs for any new warehouses, and eliminate the need for managed service provider (MSP) support fees.
  • Reliable and redundant: High availability and redundant network designs were essential for Stord, given the cost of downtime associated with warehouse operations. Meter provided redundancy solutions, backup ISPs, cradle points, and additional hardware to enhance network resilience.
  • Customer obsession: Meter acts as a true partner, listening to Stord's feedback and working collaboratively to address challenges and improve network reliability. A “customer obsessed” mentality aligns well with Stord's commitment to making their supply chains a competitive advantage.