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“I’d give Meter a 10 out of 10. There was really only one metric for me during this project, people complaining about the office internet, and there’s not been one complaint since we switched to Meter.”

Ryan Donnon
Director of IT

“Thumbtack is already a SaaS-first company, so the idea of NaaS was fascinating. We already have clear procurement guidelines around new tools, and SaaS takes priority. So why not the same model for the network?”

Erik Wooding
Manager, IT Systems Engineer

“I really appreciate how Meter’s model helps avoid up-front CapEx costs when setting up new spaces. It was simpler for me to tell my finance team that with Meter, we’d amortize costs over time. The math showed that the up-front costs were worth about five years of Meter coverage. In the end, we saved about $50,000 in up-front costs.”

Gabe Raffaelli
IT Director

“The network performance improvement with Meter has been incredible. In our previous implementation, we actually had downtime for almost three days, which was very tough. Ever since Meter was implemented, we've actually had no downtime.”

Heindrik Bernabe
Chief Technology Officer
Retail stores