Meter buyback program

Hassle-free internet & WiFi without buying new hardware

Switch to Meter, we’ll buy back your current hardware and ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

Upgrade your network without upfront costs

Meter is fully-managed internet and WiFi. Upgrade to Meter with no upfront costs and benefit from better network and a technical team of experts.

Existing hardware

How to redeem your buyback credit

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Whether you're moving or upgrading existing hardware, we'll install new hardware and manage your network end-to-end.

Get your buyback credit

Once your new network is live, we'll apply the credit towards your bill.

Recycle your hardware

Your old hardware will be recycled responsibly and you can enjoy your fast, secure, reliable internet.

Existing hardware
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Let us take your old networking gear off your hands and give you a credit towards your new Meter network.

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“There is a gap between paying top dollar for Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti's “do-it-yourself” option. I needed something that was reliable, cost effective, and flexible enough to grow with us. That’s where Meter made the most sense.”

Arik Misler

“I was introduced to Meter, which opened my eyes to the idea of offloading the work of deploying, designing, and implementing. Treating network infrastructure as a service made sense. I simplified my plans, offloaded all of the network to Meter, and we were off to the races.”

Gabe Raffaelli
IT Manager

Businesses are switching to Meter to save time and money.

See how Meter compares:

Cloud controller
Local controller
Access points
Internet provider procurement
Internet provider management
Network management
IT support
Free hardware upgrades
No upfront costs
Existing hardware buyback program
Bundled products (VPN, DNS, and more)
Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti
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