WiFi made easy.

Meter eliminates the pain of keeping your WiFi up all the time.

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A new way to network —

Getting a network up and running takes planning, coordination, and time. Meter makes this process simple and invisible. We combine powerful software, custom hardware, and dedicated experts to give your network speed, security, and reliability. We set up and manage your network in the same ways as the best network administrators. We make sure your network never goes down.

Frictionless Installation

Our installers handle wiring based on your building code and best practices. We also install our access points and routers, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

No Deadzones

Our enterprise-grade hardware is set up at optimal locations to provide the best coverage. Never have a WiFi dead zone.

Convention over Configuration

Our access points and routers require zero configuration on your part and come with all the important features enabled to make your WiFi fast and secure.

Regular Maintenance

Meter monitors your network 24/7 and takes steps to protect you. We schedule routine maintenance at your convenience and make sure there is no impact to your business.

Hardware that's easy

We believe unreliable networks are a problem rooted in hardware complexity and management. Our hardware is built to make deployment easy, seamlessly work with cloud management, and grow with your business. Our access points are 802.11ac, MU-MIMO, and feature high-power radios. Our routers can handle multi-gigabit throughput and have WAN-failover. It takes a few minutes to get up and running, and just a few clicks to customize.


Our software learns from types of data, devices, and applications to constantly fix and make the network better and faster.


Meter processes millions of packets per second. Simply put, line-rate speed for gigabit connections.


Secure by design. From ensuring every device is protected to filtering malicious activity, Meter is designed to obstruct security vulnerabilities.

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