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We help you scale faster

Meter powers every type of commercial space.

“Prior to Meter, we were using 5 different providers to handle our network. This was our cloud-based networking vendor, resellers, and third parties to support the network and applications. And we were able to consolidate all of this into just using Meter.”

Evan Jackson
Director of Technology

“Meter is our expert partner in all things networking. As we moved into peak season we needed to feel comfortable that if our first line of internet went down that we would have a second, if our second line of internet went down, we had a third. All that really just revolves around our customer obsession. Meter's done a great job at helping us do that.”

Codi Handley
Director of Security and IT

“Meter knew exactly what to do to light up an office, to work with a construction team, to follow along with the team that was actually building out the office, and really made the IT team, and the workplace team very happy throughout that construction process.”

Matt Thorne
Head of IT & Business Systems

“Even if I hired two network engineers, working with Meter was faster and more efficient. They provided end-to-end implementation, which included suggesting the ISPs, negotiating rates, and project managing the entire network installation process.”

Prema Nagarajan
IT Director
Retail stores