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We think of internet & WiFi as a utility — like water and electricity — and businesses should be able to just turn it on.

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Meter setup

We handle everything so your team can be more productive & secure

We've streamlined the entire process with intelligent software, custom hardware, and expert operations & support.

Site survey & network design

Set up ISP connection

Install Meter Hardware

Monitor with Meter Software

Provisioned hardware

We manufacture proprietary hardware, including access points and security appliances, giving us complete control over the device firmware. If you already own networking hardware, we will buy it back from you and make sure all equipment is properly re-used or recycled.

ISP procurement & savings

We'll find the best internet provider for your business and coordinate the installation. We will also negotiate rates on your behalf and handle all ISP customer support.

Free & convenient installation

Our team wires and installs our hardware on your schedule. This includes a full IDF buildout (with redundant ISP connections and an uninterruptible power supply), low-voltage cabling, access points, and hardwired ethernet drops where needed.

24/7 support & ongoing maintenance

Meter networks are entirely automated and managed with software. They require no manual configuration. Our support team continually monitors your network and is always available to troubleshoot issues.

Designed for ease

Control and flexibility for businesses of all sizes

One unified dashboard

Manage your networks in one place with oversight of usage, speed, device details, and more.

Easy network setup

Admins can set the network details and we generate secure passwords for you.

Secure guest networks

Easily grant guests access while preserving security with rotating guest passwords and isolated guest traffic.

Peace of mind

Speed & coverage, prioritized

We keep your connections lightning fast by pairing our advanced Meter access points with smart software.

High-priority connections

Not all applications are created equal. Meter detects high priority connections like VOIP and prioritizes for best quality.

Multi-WAN support

For dual ISP connections, we'll seamlessly route traffic even if one connection goes down.

Wall-to-wall coverage

Our own experts design and install the Meter Hardware, so you'll have fast WiFi everywhere you need it.


Solving problems before they start

Consistent updates

Zero-touch updates ensure the latest functionality and security features are always in place. Meter automatically updates to bring in patches and fixes.

Uptime monitoring

We constantly test the network for availability and hold ISPs to their SLAs.

Free hardware upgrades

We'll ensure you have our latest hardware as we continually develop improvements.

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Usage (30D)
42,209 Gb
5,991 Gb

Future-proof protection

Security and privacy are paramount. We follow industry best practices, so security is baked right into our product and development processes.

Firmware updates

Our hardware doesn't run the same firmware version for years. We regularly push fixes and improvements.

Advanced encryption

We use TLS and the latest WPA standards for communication between Meter's hardware, devices on the network & the dashboard.

Trust & verification

We run our controller locally. We don’t snoop on your network and we don't send your packets to our cloud.

“Our office is a tough place to get WiFi right because of all of the competition amongst businesses in SF for the same WiFi bands. Meter was the only one able to figure this out for us.”

Matt Watson
CEO & Founder

“I'd never set up WiFi for an office before, so I had no idea what we needed or what things we needed to keep. I was able to be pretty hands-off, and Meter just handled it all. Meter makes sure that our WiFi works 100% of the time.”

Amy Koch
Office Manager
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