One vendor, one invoice, billed monthly

Meter offers a full-stack enterprise-grade network with the hardware, software, and operations required for success.

Our pricing is defined by one word: simplicity

Pay by the square foot or per location.

Pay one point of contact for your entire service.

Skip upfront costs on marked up hardware.

Pricing that scales with your business.

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Say goodbye to managing multiple vendor contracts, shelling out for unexpected onsite bills, and getting charged expensive licensing fees

Your monthly fee includes:

Meter Hardware

Security Appliances


Wireless Access Points

Complimentary upgrades

Installation & rollout

Network design

Equipment planning & logistics

Project scheduling

Shipping & logistics

ISP validation

Installation validation

Network validation

Full IT & server room build out

Low-voltage cabling

Project management & coordination

Hardware provisioning & configuration

Support & maintenance

Automated proactive support

Escalations & SLAs

Email, chat, and phone support

Support & engineering feedback loop

Meter Software

Network insights


Network virtualization


Multi-site management




DNS security

Rate limiting

IPSec tunnels

Client VPN

Port forwarding

Captive portal

Network & ISP management

ISP procurement

ISP installation coordination

ISP contract negotiation & management

Consolidated billing

Automatic ISP failover in case of an ISP outage

Real-time monitoring & alerting to find and fix problems before they disrupt work

Easy to setup and accessible guest networks


Zero trust architecture, with blocked ingress ports and Inter-VLAN communication by default

Single sign-on

Role-based access control & least-privilege access

Secure tunnel encryption across communication links

Guest isolation with rotating passwords

Bulk security policy updates and enforcement

Secure authentication, including WPA2, WPA3, PMF, and 802.1X support

Rogue AP detection

DNS Security across layer 7

Trusted by technology and networking leaders everywhere

Businesses are switching to Meter to save time and money

On average, Meter customers save 30-40%

Meter vs Legacy
Year 0
Year 1
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Year 3
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Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Our unique model creates more value and helps you scale faster

Elastic scalability

Meter supports networks across the United States and Canada. As your business grows, Meter scales with you.

Full integration

Meter’s fully integrated model enables us to save on costs across the value chain, which we pass on to you.

Economies of scale

Meter’s scale economics not only lead to favorable ISP rates, but our low SKU count enables us to manufacture at scale, resulting in cost savings that we pass on to you.

Network as a service

Built for network engineers by
network engineers

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