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Meter Summit: team offsite, spring 2023

Who we are

There’s much more to do to make internet, networking, and Wi-Fi ubiquitous. Every building has a power meter and water meter. We’re called Meter because we believe internet, networking, and Wi-Fi should be just as ubiquitous and seamless.

We’re energized by solving hard problems that unlock value for our customers, and we enjoy learning from and teaching each other.

Internet infrastructure is vital, enabling the flow of information, communication, and commerce that drive the economy. Without reliable and efficient internet infrastructure, access to the wide array of online services, resources, and applications that are essential to daily life would be difficult or impossible.

“Being in the Wi-Fi industry for 10+ years, Meter's vision of networking infrastructure as a utility strongly aligns with my idea of how it should be. It's time to remove the complexity and make networking simple for end users. And it's great to build with colleagues who are not only kind and ambitious but also super fun to work with. I love that being vertically integrated gives us the autonomy to develop the most impactful features for our customers.”

Shubham Saloni

How we operate

One of the strongest levers we’ve identified to raise the ceiling for all Meters is ensuring we hire colleagues with an abundant level of kindness and ambition. We believe these traits are not dichotomous, but complementary. We also believe they need to be practiced daily, not just aspired for. Embodying these traits leads to outsized impact, raising the bar for what’s possible and creating the foundation of our growth.

Customer Focus, Company First
An uncompromising focus on customers and an unwavering commitment to company .
Impactful Humility
A discerning critic of self with an unrelenting desire for bigger challenges and greater impact.
Direct & Open
A direct and open communicator who craves diversity of thought, and who seeks feedback early and often.
Resilient Optimism
A resilient optimist who perseveres through challenge in pursuit of long term, audacious goals.
Productive Impatience
A pace setter who embraces change, inspiring more progress more quickly where it’s needed most.
Rigorous Stewardship
A steward of quality and care who thoughtfully and scrupulously approaches work.

In-office culture

One of the unique aspects about our space is that it combines our office, warehouse, and QA lab. As a vertically integrated business, it’s invaluable for employees to work from the same space where our products are developed, tested and shipped to customers.

Meter is committed to working together in person, and we invest in the experience. The majority of Meters are based in the Bay Area, and work out of our office in the Mission District of San Francisco on a hybrid schedule. Meter provides meals for our team to enable us to get together at least once a day outside the confines of a scheduled meeting.

Meter employee at hardware testing rack
Meter employee at customer install
Meter Summit: team offsite, spring 2023
Meter Summit: team offsite hike, spring 2023
Meter Summit: team offsite, spring 2023

One of the highlights each year is Meter Summit, our all-company offsite, where everyone gathers for a few days to do company building work and spend quality time together.

Perks & benefits

Competitive salary and equity

Health, dental, and vision insurance US

401(k) plan US

Commuter benefits

Complimentary lunch, snacks, and coffee in the office

Regular team events and offsites

Parental leave

Flexible time off

Interviewing at Meter

Our goal is to acquire evidence as to whether Meter is a strong match — culturally and functionally — given your experience, ambitions, and working style. Below, we’ve provided an overview of our hiring process. We’re always happy to provide more details regarding our hiring process at any point in the process. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Intro chat(s)
The interview process begins with introductory conversations with members of Meter’s team, which are usually kicked off by one of our recruiters and followed by a hiring manager.
These conversations aim to understand your motivations and to get a feel for how your experience shapes your approach and mindset. We also want to introduce you to Meter, share details about how we operate, and describe some of the projects we’re tackling.
Written exercise
Writing is central to how we operate. The discipline of writing instills rigor and care into how we build the business. To gain an informed view of one’s writing, we generally ask candidates to share a writing sample and/or to complete a take-home exercise.
For engineering candidates, the take-home involves writing code (and some documentation), whereas non-engineering candidates may be asked to write a memo. 
We ask for references no later than midway through the hiring process. We believe references allow hiring teams and candidates the opportunity to gain invaluable insight regarding whether Meter is a match in a proactive and collaborative way.
We’ll ask to speak with a recent manager and two colleagues (e.g., peer, cross-functional partner) who have worked closely with you, while being respectful of any confidential components of your search.
On-site interviews
These interviews are an opportunity to meet with individuals in similar roles, cross-functional colleagues, and to spend more time with the recruiter and hiring manager.
In addition, the onsite will include a values alignment interview to learn more about which operating principles are most important to you and how they show up in how you work. We’re looking for folks who practice our principles daily and can share relevant examples. 
Meeting with Meter’s founders
Our founders, Anil Varanasi (CEO) and Sunil Varanasi (CTO), care deeply about hiring at Meter. They make a point of meeting with every candidate as the final step of the hiring process.

Open roles

If you don't believe your experience matches any of our current openings, but you’re still interested in building with us, we encourage you to reach out at

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