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About the team

Meter was founded in 2015 to make enterprise-grade networks faster, more accessible, and more secure. We believe the internet is a fundamental utility that businesses should be able to turn on as easily as water and electricity.

Our team includes people who have helped scale successful companies and recent graduates who are eager to learn and build. We value work-life balance, diversity, passion, integrity, and curiosity. We trust each other to be outstanding.

We’re looking for people who are excited to work on interesting problems, enjoy learning from and helping each other, and above all, are kind and ambitious.

We’re building for the long term, and we’re just getting started.
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“Working at Meter as a recent graduate is a unique opportunity to work directly with experienced engineers and operators, and take responsibility for a range of exciting projects. Collaborating with such a strong group of kind and ambitious folks who take the time to explain their processes is a fantastic, fun learning experience!”

Anusha Datar

Open roles

If you don't believe your experience matches any of our current openings, but you’re still interested in building with us, we encourage you to reach out at

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Interviewing at Meter

We’re honored you’re exploring career opportunities at Meter. We want you to feel comfortable and confident while interviewing with us.

We put together a few answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions throughout the process, please reach out at

How can I prepare for Meter’s hiring process?

Be curious: You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you. We hope you’ll take every interaction with our team as an opportunity to learn more about our culture, our products, our people, and the work you’ll be tackling.

Share your motivations and ambitions: We want to understand what motivates you at work and the professional goals you’re pursuing. Our hiring process aims to help you gauge alignment between these interests and our needs.

Are there common traits that Meter values in prospective employees?

Yes. It’s crucial that we hire people who are kind and ambitious. Some antecedents to these qualities include optimism, rigorous thought, curiosity, a proclivity to learn and teach, conscientiousness towards others, and optimizing for the long-term.

Additional traits we look for in our colleagues:

Patience, focus and resilience: Meter’s vision for the future of internet infrastructure is bold, ambitious, and a long-term endeavor. Joining a company at our stage of growth isn’t for everyone. Currently, Meter is a collection of small, fast-growing teams. We’re looking for people who are patient, focused, and excited to define our unique approach.

Excellent communication: The ability to clearly convey ideas is paramount to success at Meter. We document most of what we plan and do, so the ability to write effectively and enjoy the writing process is important.

Technical aptitude: The vertical solution Meter provides — cutting across hardware, software and operations — is uniquely complex. We’re particularly keen to speak with candidates who are excited by the challenge, and eager to help us solve tough problems.

Proclivity for learning and teaching: We’re proud of the team we’ve built, and the expertise we collectively bring to our work. That said, our potential for ongoing growth is much greater than our current capabilities. We improve constantly because we enjoy learning from and helping each other.

What’s the hiring process like?

Our ultimate goal is to gain evidence on whether Meter is a good fit — culturally and functionally — given your professional experience, ambitions, and working style.

Intro chat(s)

The interview process begins with introductory calls led by a member of Meter’s recruiting team and/or the hiring manager. The purpose of these conversations is to understand your motivations, and to get a feel for how your past experiences shape your approach and skillset. We also want to introduce you to Meter, share details about how the team currently operates, and describe some of the projects we’re tackling.

Written exercise

Writing is central to how we work. We generally ask candidates to think through a problem the team is currently grappling with. For engineering candidates, the exercise involves writing code, whereas non-engineering candidates may be asked to conceptualize a document or create a presentation. We’ll gather evidence on your writing, coding and/or problem solving skills, and you’ll gain greater insight into some of the problems we’re striving to solve.

Onsite interviews

These interviews are an opportunity to meet with individuals in similar roles and cross-functional colleagues.

Most of our interviews are still conducted remotely. As it becomes safer to interact in person, we look forward to inviting candidates to meet with us in person at our office.

Meeting with Meter’s founders

Founders Anil Varanasi (CEO) and Sunil Varanasi (CTO) are deeply involved with the hiring process at Meter. They make a point of meeting with candidates by this stage.

Where are you based?

Meter’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA.

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