Turnkey internet & Wi-Fi, dramatic cost savings

Get better internet & Wi-Fi from a team you can lean on. Meter delivers the best networking hardware, software, and support in the industry.

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100 billion threats blocked each day.

Save 35% on network infrastructure & management.

Get back 2 full workdays per month, per IT employee.

File for E-Rate in half the time.

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“Prior to Meter, we were using 5 different providers to handle our network. This was our cloud-based networking vendor, resellers, and third parties to support the network and applications. And we were able to consolidate all of this into just using Meter.”

See how Meter compares:

Network design & installation
Cloud controller
Local controller
Wi-Fi 6 Access points
Managed PoE Switches
Existing hardware buyback program
Free hardware upgrades
No upfront costs
ISP procurement & management
Network management
Responsive support
Bundled applications (VPN, DNS Security)
Cisco Meraki, Aruba

Enable stress-free teaching & learning

Meter designs, configures, and manages high-capacity networks with hardware built in-house. Regardless of the number of devices, bandwidth usage, and changes to the classroom, our experts will create the best experience.

Protect against cybersecurity threats

We build our own hardware and monitoring software with a secure by design approach. Never worry about attackers taking advantage of your school with DNS security and secure authentication (802.1x) built-in.

You're doing too much. Avoid unnecessary work.

Meter manages the entire setup and ongoing maintenance of your network including VPN, DNS security, 802.1X, & ISPs. No manual configs, waiting months for hardware, games of telephone, or early mornings.

Save money with hardware buybacks, bundled products & no upfront costs

Hardware, installation, maintenance, DNS Security and more are all bundled into one monthly rate — no longer pay multiple vendors. Easily transition your network with buybacks of your existing hardware .

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Easily transition to Meter

We take on the complexities to make refreshes and ongoing maintenance easy, fast, and stress-free.

We'll collect data points on your school

Let Meter manage your refresh & tune your network

Enjoy fast, reliable internet & Wi-Fi

Learn more about our installation process and security features.

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You're doing too much.

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