How Meter works

Meter provides end-to-end services. From ISP procurement and network design to cabling, hardware installation, and management of your network.

How it works

ISP procurement & installation

Meter can work with your existing ISP or find the best providers to meet your bandwidth needs.

We’ll negotiate rates on your behalf and handle all ISP customer support for a smooth installation. We are ISP agnostic and partner with every local ISP.

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Hardware provisioning

We design and build all of our own hardware, giving us complete control over the device firmware, software, and delivery times.

If you already own networking hardware, we’ll buy it back from you and make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

Meter Access Point (Internal Circuit Board)
Meter Access Point (Internal Plate)
Meter Access Point (Back)

Custom network design

We understand that no two spaces are the same. Our experts design your network unique to your needs ensuring every inch of your space has coverage.


Hardware & cabling installation

Meter can install a network in any commercial space. Full IT closet/server room buildout (with redundant ISP connections and an uninterruptible power supply), low-voltage cabling, and as many access points as necessary. If you move or expand into a new space, Meter will grow with you.

Warehouse First Floor

Configuration & testing

Once Meter’s hardware is installed, we will set up your network and validate it same-day. For a network cut-over, your old equipment will be left in-place until this step is completed.


Network management

Meter networks are automated, software managed, and don’t require manual configuration. If an access point goes out, the system is immediately alerted to increase the strength of a neighboring access point.

Active clients
The number of clients sending traffic on the network. Includes wired and wireless clients and excludes Meter devices.
Client count
24 hours
12 hours
ISP quality
The percentage of successful pings to common web servers over each ISP connection.
24 hours
12 hours
ISP throughput
The number of bytes sent and received from the public internet.
Download rate
Upload rate
1 Gbps
0.5 Gbps
0 Gbps
24 hours
12 hours

Ongoing support & maintenance

Meter supports customers with 24/7 operations. Think of us as your internal team of networking engineers.

Automated network health monitoring alerts and notifies the entire support team if a network goes offline, regardless of the time of day.

Meter controllers have backup LTE antennas, so if ISP circuits go down, we can still troubleshoot.

Software updates are pushed during off-hours, and hardware upgrades are included in your subscription.

Upgrade schedule
2AM - 4AM
We will perform upgrades to your Meter hardware during the time you set.
Ping test
Ping tests if the network can reach a remote host and measures the round-trip request time.
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