We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Interval, an app development platform for internal tools, founded by Alex Arena.

The Interval team will play a pivotal role in expediting our next phase of growth by building out our internal software and applications to further provide exceptional customer experiences. As a vertically integrated company, we operate across hardware, software, and operations. Making it all the more essential that our internal teams have the most efficient tools to streamline their interactions with our suppliers, installers, and customers. 

We’ve known Interval and Alex Arena for several years, and have always admired their team’s ability to build outstanding products.

In the near future, we will be open sourcing Interval. We firmly believe that open sourcing the technology will enable others to benefit and build on the incredible work done by the Interval team over the past few years.

We’re excited to build better internet infrastructure with the Interval team. Welcome to Meter!