UPDATE: Since the publication of this customer story, Searchlight has been acquired by Multiverse

Searchlight has developed an AI-powered applicant screening platform enabling companies to parse their candidate pool quickly and understands that having the right people in the right roles is how companies succeed.

Handling IT and people operations for Searchlight is Operations Lead, Francisco Perez. As the organization’s jack of all trades, Francisco often quickly gets up to speed with areas he’s not yet familiar with. Setting up a new office with high-speed internet and Wi-Fi was one such scenario.

Project scope:
Network as a Service
San Francisco

Meter: A Turnkey Solution for Cost-Effective Office Wi-Fi

Francisco says that the most significant value add of all was knowing that the entire install project was in good hands with Meter managing it. “I knew that everything from selecting a service provider, to hardware installation, to monitoring our traffic was all handled by Meter’s team of professionals.”

And once it’s installed it stays in place, meaning Searchlight’s real estate team are big fans of Meter, as well. When touring with potential sub-tenants for their previous space, they could say that internet and Wi-Fi were already in place—removing a major potential headache for them and making the space that much more appealing.

“Whenever we have a tour with prospective tenants, it’s one of the biggest highlights when we point and say, ‘And there’s your server rack, internet, and Wi-Fi – all managed by Meter.’ It makes the space turnkey, and people love it.” Francisco Perez Operations Lead, Searchlight

With two distinct locations to manage, Francisco can make good use of the Meter Dashboard, though part of what he loves is how infrequently he has reason to. “I always have the dashboard, so monitoring activity is a breeze. And should I need to make an adjustment, it’s so easy. But so far the best part is that I only need to do that when there’s a problem, and we just don’t have many of those with Meter’s service.”

Francisco goes on to add that the Meter Dashboard does simplify some general networking tasks, like when he needed to create a subnet so visitors to their new space could have Wi-Fi in the conference room that was segmented from the company network. “Being able to do that through the dashboard, having it up and running in a matter of minutes without having to reach out for support or calling in an IT technician, was awesome.”

Meter Connect: Taking The Guesswork Out of ISP Selection

Despite having relatively simple Wi-Fi and internet needs, Francisco is quick to tout the benefits of using Meter Connect. With this service, he was able to leave the guesswork behind and let Meter’s team do the research and pull together a list of internet service provider (ISP) options.

Then all he had to do was chat with his account manager, make a selection, and Meter took care of the rest—including managing the set-up and installation project. “I didn’t have to chase down the installers, and I didn’t have to be onsite to manage the setup. Meter handles everything and tells you when your office is wired and ready to go.” 

“Really it was about minimizing costs and maximizing speed, and my experience with Meter told me they were the right path.”

Support is Crucial For a Fast-Moving Business

Francisco has been talking Meter up, “Whenever someone asks about our new office build, I’m quick to bring up how much I love working with Meter.” He then adds, “Everyone I’ve worked with there has been fantastic.”

“I don’t think we’ve had any issues. At a fast-growing company, everything is moving at triple speed and I wear a lot of hats here, so for me to have no problems with a new service like Wi-Fi is huge.”

Should he encounter a rare issue with their service, Francisco is glad to know the Meter team is there, monitoring everything remotely and proactively notifying him of any issues. Even if they may have gone unnoticed in the office. This reassurance has given him the freedom to dedicate more of his energy to high-priority or complex tasks such as preparing for SOCII audits or temporarily backfilling a go-to-market manager role. 

When asked for a 1-10 rating of his experience with Meter, Francisco doesn’t hesitate—”Easy 10. The reason is simple, I just don’t have to worry about my internet. Meter takes a process that is often a headache and makes it painless.”

Customer Value Points:

  • A cost-effective solution for office internet: Searchlight needed office Wi-Fi for a space with a short-term lease. With Meter, they got high-speed internet and the Wi-Fi access they needed, with no up-front costs or long-term commitment since the installed network stays in place.
  • The simplicity of Meter Network: full-service, turn-key office internet, installation and all. With Meter Network, there’s no hardware to buy, no installation to supervise, and no support to worry about—it’s all included.
  • Support when you need it: With the Meter Dashboard, Searchlight can monitor network traffic and make adjustments like creating a subnet for office visitors. Knowing Meter’s team of professionals is at the ready to handle anything more involved gives them peace of mind and frees team bandwidth.