Meter, Inc., a leader in IT infrastructure for businesses, today announced the acquisition of Interval, an app development platform for internal tools. The strategic acquisition comes on the heels of tremendous growth for Meter, expanding its roster of clients to include more enterprises and new service offerings. Acquiring Interval will enable Meter to automate internal workflows across business divisions—which will ultimately improve customer experience across the North American market.

“This acquisition is a major milestone and I’m thrilled to welcome the Interval team to Meter,” said Anil Varanasi, CEO and co-founder of Meter. “The move is a natural fit for our team at Meter to usher in our next phase of growth. Interval is a premier platform for developing internal tools, which is crucial for us to have in our repertoire as we continue to scale and work with enterprise-level customers.”

Meter is a full stack company that builds its own hardware, software, and operations. It integrates all of this in ways never done before in order to deliver the best enterprise networking experience for customers. Interval’s expertise in elegantly tying together disparate tools and services is a perfect match for the challenges Meter faces in delivering an even more outstanding experience to customers.

Interval works with companies such as Vendr, Starlight, and Zurp. As part of the acquisition, all members of the Interval team, including founder and CEO Alex Arena, are joining Meter.

“Building Interval has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done for our customers,” said Arena. “Meter continues to grow and build technology that alleviates many enterprises' challenges. I’m excited to further integrate our technology into Meter’s tech stack and create impactful internal tools for the business.”

The deal was a mix of cash and stock for an undisclosed amount.