At Meter, we have been focused on building new features to boost security and increase visibility across multi-locations. Read this blog post to learn about 802.1X, multi-location functionality, one-click VPN, and upcoming events we will be attending. If you have ideas for new features, reach out to us. Your feedback helps us continue to innovate and build a better product.

Boost security with 802.1X

802.1X provides an additional layer of security on your Meter Network by leveraging your RADIUS server for authentication. Meter Network now supports 802.1X on wired and wireless connections (through WPA2-Enterprise) and is compatible with all RADIUS providers. Set it up here.

Increase visibility across multi-locations

Meter Dashboard now has an overview hub for customers with more than one Meter Network, giving you a birds-eye view across all of your locations in one place. You can view aggregated information and easily navigate to specific locations to examine performance or troubleshoot potential issues. Try it now.

One-click VPN

Meter’s new VPN provides seamless remote access for site-to-site and client-to-site. It’s fast, secure, and fully integrated into the Meter Network operating system. Admins can create and manage VPN connections from the Meter Dashboard. Meter’s VPN is available for all customers. Try it now.

See you at SpiceWorld - September 5-7

Are you heading to SpiceWorld? Meter will be exhibiting at SpiceWorld in Austin, Texas, next month. Visit us at our booth to grab some free swag or set up a time to chat with our team in person.

For questions or ideas for new features, reach out to us.