Meter Network now includes DNS Security, powered by Cloudflare, a global leader in network performance and security. With Meter DNS Security, IT teams can seamlessly optimize their networks for security and performance through robust controls on content. DNS Security is now available for all Meter Network customers, at no additional cost.

“With the number of devices on a network expected to triple by 2030, modern businesses and organizations demand enterprise network controls to ensure safety and peak performance for business critical functions,” said Anil Varanasi, CEO and co-founder of Meter. “Meter DNS Security is the latest example of how we’re continuing to offer our customers enterprise level networks end-to-end. Through our partnership with Cloudflare, we’re enhancing our capabilities to meet the needs of IT professionals at industrial warehouses, educational institutions, security firms, and more.”

Meter DNS Security simplifies network management by eliminating the need for multiple vendors. It’s seamlessly integrated into Meter's hardware and software, requiring no setup. With the power of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, IT teams now have instant access to global scale speed and security on their networks.

“We’re proud to have Meter leveraging Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform in a new way, offering our DNS filtering feature natively built into their Meter Dashboard.”

“By building on Cloudflare's platform, Meter enables customers to manage their team’s operations at scale, as well as effectively enforce global corporate policies across diverse corporate spaces, such as offices, schools, and warehouses.”

John Graham-Cumming
CTO, Cloudflare

Meter’s partnership with Cloudflare means customers are always protected from the latest malware and security threats, alongside faster and more reliable DNS response times. With the Meter Dashboard, IT teams can further optimize the security and performance of their networks to match their compliance and business needs. Already, customers use Meter DNS Security to:

  • Ensure safe browsing environments at schools by filtering out age inappropriate content.
  • Optimize network performance in warehouses by filtering high bandwidth activities like video streaming.
  • Maintaining high security and compliance standards by blocking known security threats and illegal content.

“Tishman Speyer has successfully partnered with Meter to streamline the networking & Wi-Fi experience for our customers. The addition of Meter’s DNS Security feature, powered by Cloudflare, will further benefit our customers by providing an additional layer of security.”

Simon Okunev
Managing Director and CIO

DNS Security is the latest way Meter is making internet infrastructure simpler and more accessible. To learn more, contact us: