Meter has added a universal search embedded into our Dashboard. Simply input Command + K to pull up the search bar and navigate to the control you need to access. This feature is part of a continued effort to make the Meter Dashboard as easy-to-use and fast as possible. Try it now.

Instantly visualize your network

The Meter Dashboard now has a visual representation of your entire network. From ISPs to controllers to access points, you have one click access to more detailed information on each piece. Easily spot issues and immediately understand everything impacted.

Increase visibility and control with switch information

You can now access a tab in the Dashboard that gives you real-time data about your Meter Switches. Adding this visibility to the Dashboard helps you better understand your entire network and get more hands-on if you need to troubleshoot. This feature was the direct result of customer feedback from Retool. Read the story below.

Meter dashboard: Switches tableMeter dashboard: Switches table

Customer spotlight: Retool

Charlie Verrey, the IT manager at Retool, reached out to Meter last month asking for increased visibility into the switches on his network. We immediately saw the benefit and, two days later, launched the Switches tab on the Meter Dashboard.

“Switch view allowed us to ensure all of our conference rooms were properly connected to the network and assigned to a separate VLAN. This allowed us to understand a couple of issues we were having with our network, which were escalated to Meter and quickly fixed.”

Charlie Verrey
IT Manager

If you have feedback please don’t hesitate to submit it directly in the Meter Dashboard using the feedback widget in the upper right hand corner. Those submissions go directly to our engineering team.

Meter dashboard: feedback widgetMeter dashboard: feedback widget

Meter at MacAdmins: July 18 - 21

Heading to MacAdmins? Join Meter for a panel discussion on the tactical strategies for preventing and debugging Wi-Fi issues. We will be joined by Meter customer Dylan Dubrey, Workplace Technology Lead at Greylock, to discuss the common causes, threats, and solutions to the modern network. If you can't make it, the discussion will be recorded.

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