At Meter, we have been focused on building new features to increase your network visibility and control while also minimizing service disruptions. Read this blog post to learn about new product features, upcoming events we will be attending, and our VPN beta program. If you have ideas for new features, reach out to us. Your feedback helps us continue to innovate and build a better product.

More visibility with Network Overview

Network Overview gives you visibility into what is happening with your network at any given time. Rather than searching in a variety of spots, you can instantly get a bird's eye view of your network’s health or look at its historical performance over the last 30 days. Connected to real-time data from your network, you will always be up to date. We will continue to add additional views and insights to the Network dashboard.

Security appliances
Access points
ISP quality
ISP throughput
The number of bytes sent and received from the public internet.
Download rate
Upload rate
200 Kbps
100 Kbps
0 Kbps
7 PM
7 AM

Maintenance windows to minimize service disruptions

You can schedule your preferred times for software upgrades to minimize disruptions to your network and operations. Maintenance windows can be set directly in the dashboard.

Pacific Daylight Time
Upgrade schedule
Weekly on
2AM - 4AM
We will perform upgrades to your Meter hardware during the time you set.

Increased controls for IT teams

Based on customer feedback, we’ve built a variety of self-service tools to give IT teams more direct control over networks. You can always rely on Meter to manage these things for you, but now you can directly customize your network to fit your needs. You can now:

  • Rename clients
  • Pin static IPs
  • Get visibility into VLANs
  • Set up port forwarding rules

Try it now.

Rename client
Pin IP address
Private VLAN
Guest VLAN
Create port forward

Beta program for VPN features

We have expanded our VPN capabilities and are piloting them with a group of customer beta participants. These features include client VPNs for remote employee access, site-to-site VPNs for connecting multiple locations, and IPsec for connecting to services like AWS. If you are interested in joining the program, please get in touch.

Meter at RealComm: June 13 - 15

Planning on attending RealComm 2023 in Las Vegas? Join our CEO and Co-founder, Anil Varanasi, for the Making Sense of the Wireless Communication Infrastructure: The Role of Wi-Fi session. We'd love to meet up.