Our latest set of product enhancements is focused on increasing your network reliability and security. In this blog post, we discuss optimizing your ISP connections with MultiWAN and our new SSO offering. We also share what the Head of IT at Brex thinks of Meter’s platform's scalability, simplicity, and pay-as-you-go model.

Increase network reliability with MultiWAN

MultiWAN is now available for customers with equal uplink speeds from multiple ISPs. It enhances Meter Network's WAN failover system by intelligently distributing network traffic among all active connections using a round-robin algorithm. This results in increased network reliability, improved throughput, and optimal utilization of your ISP connections. The latest release of Meter's Network Operating System (NOS) includes MultiWAN. Contact support to enable MultiWAN.

Improve security with SSO for Meter Dashboard

Meter Dashboard now has full support for SAML SSO. Admins can manage access with Microsoft Azure, Okta, or any SSO provider that supports the SAML standard. Save time and increase overall security by leveraging your preferred SSO platform. Contact support to enable SSO.

Customer spotlight - Empowering Brex’s growth: Leveraging Meter for IT infrastructure

Hear from Matt Thorne, the Head of IT at Brex, about how Meter’s platform's scalability, simplicity, and pay-as-you-go model aligned perfectly with Brex's remote-first philosophy. Matt needed a networking solution that ensured high productivity within physical office spaces without necessitating complex and resource-intensive network setups, requiring additional personnel. Read the full case study.

“Meter handles every detail to the quality level that I would handle it. They proactively reach out to me if there are issues. My engineering team actually never has to touch Meter at all. They get the alerts if there's a problem that Meter needs to fix, they keep us updated on what's happening and they quickly postmortem the issue at the end. But that said, we rarely encounter issues with Meter service.” 

Matt Thorne
Head of IT

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