Setup and Scale

How growing companies deploy secure networks and cameras at new locations.

Learn how fast growing companies:

Unify their networks and cameras across multiple locations with modern cloud-based dashboards.

Install enterprise-grade network infrastructure in just 2 weeks using Meter’s best-in-class hardware and support

Set up AI security cameras in minutes with Spot AI’s platform that works with existing camera hardware (or get premium IP cameras at no cost)

About the speakers

Tanuj Thapliyal is the CEO of Spot AI. He co-founded the company in 2018 to create safer, smarter organizations by making video footage actionable. Prior to Spot AI, Tanuj worked at Cisco Meraki and studied at Stanford.

Spot AI offers an intuitive cloud camera dashboard, cutting-edge hardware, 10-minute setup, premium support, and easy scalability to customers of all sizes.

Tanuj Thapliyal
Co-founder & CEO, Spot AI

Anil Varanasi is the CEO of Meter, a company that provides internet infrastructure for businesses. He co‒founded the company with his brother, Sunil, in 2015.

Meter’s full‒stack approach combines hardware, software, and operations to provide enterprise‒grade networks that are faster, more accessible, and more secure to customers across industries.

Anil Varanasi
Co-founder & CEO, Meter

About Meter

Meter runs your network infrastructure. Meter’s full-stack approach combines hardware, software, and operations so that any company can seamlessly run on a reliable and modern network.

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About SpotAI

Spot AI builds a modern AI Camera System that helps create safer workplaces and smarter operations. Spot AI helps businesses of all types manage their camera systems easily and resolve incidents instantly using existing cameras and Spot AI’s modern cloud dashboard.

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