Customer Referral Program

Refer Meter to other businesses and both reap rewards. When you refer another company, you both win: Get 1 month of Meter free for your company and the company you’re referring. *

How it works

Step 1

Find a company or IT team that you know who could benefit from Meter.

Step 2

Fill out the form with their name, company, and email address.

Step 3

Once a referral becomes a Meter customer, you both get 1 month of Meter free for your companies.

Referral form
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* If the referral you submitted ends up signing up with Meter, you will receive 1 month of Meter free for your company 30 days after the referral signs a contract with Meter. There is no limit to referral submissions. Referral bonuses cannot be combined with any other referral bonuses.

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