With hundreds of employees and offices in both San Francisco and Utah, Nexhealth is on a mission to modernize healthcare practice management with their patient experience platform. Helping them achieve that goal is Pace Wasden. With a background in IT engineering before joining Nexhealth, Pace is tasked with a little bit of everything IT-related. Whether it be supporting a SOC 2 audit, or troubleshooting a connectivity issue in the conference room, Pace is a one-person IT team.

Though he had seen Meter in action in his previous role, joining Nexhealth gave Pace his first-hand experience with just how easy Meter makes office internet, especially when the company opened a new office.

Project scope:
Network as a Service
San Francisco, CA
Draper, UT

Internet as utility: Meter’s Network as a Service model

As Pace describes it: “When I heard that we were opening a new office I called our account manager, and said ‘Hey, this is the tentative address of where we’re opening, can you work up an estimate for getting Meter up and running?’ She comes back to me, before we’ve even signed the sublease, and says ‘Oh, we’re already installed there. We just need to move the ISP billing to Nexhealth’s name and you’ll be all set.’”

Pace thought it was too good to be true, so he flew out to San Francisco expecting to have a full day (at least) of troubleshooting, supervising wire being laid, or facing some other headache. What he found instead was exactly what his account manager had promised—transferring the ISP contract to Nexhealth and the new space had working internet and Wi-Fi within hours.

“Using Meter is pretty much ‘set it and forget it,’ which is what I think a lot of companies are looking for right now.” Pace Wasden IT Operations, Nexhealth

Meter’s Network as a Service (NaaS) model includes everything from helping source an ISP to installing the hardware you need to have functional office internet, networking, and Wi-Fi in one monthly subscription cost.

Lower total cost of ownership: another benefit of Meter’s NaaS model

Unlike most new office infrastructure setups, which involve separate upfront hardware costs, installation costs, software subscription costs, ongoing maintenance costs—plus the need for dedicated staff to manage everything—with Meter, it’s all rolled into one highly economical monthly subscription fee.

And that fee is based on the size of your office space, not on usage, headcount, or any other number that may change.

In Nexhealth’s case, their monthly Meter subscription fee is less than just the software licensing costs alone would have been with Cisco. In addition, Meter includes all hardware, software, maintenance, management, and future upgrades (hardware and software) for a much lower total cost of ownership.

There’s no need for dedicated network engineering staff, as Meter’s remote team handles all the monitoring. There’s an intuitive dashboard for the daily updates or tweaks Pace or other support staff might need to make.

Set it and forget it: Meter’s integrated model means everything is included

Since Meter is a fully integrated NaaS offering, you’re covered from researching ISP options to site surveys and final access point installation. Your dedicated support team will even act as an intermediary between you and your ISP in the event of an outage or other issues.

“We don’t even have to contact our service provider, which can be such a headache when you’re managing your own network. It’s like Meter knows when something’s down before we do and by the time we see an impact, they’re contacting me to say it’s resolved.”

Then there’s removing the uncertainty of knowing your network is degraded but being unable to pinpoint the problem. “You don’t know if it’s your ISP, a router, or an access point. All you know is that one side of the office has slow internet and the other is fine,” Pace tells us. “That’s not something I want to focus on, nor do I have the expertise in network engineering. But Meter’s team does.”

Pace also calls out the inclusion of complimentary updates and upgrades in the regular monthly fee. “The fact that we have someone upgrading our devices, to the new IPv6 models for example, is unheard of from other corporate IT infrastructure providers.”

In the end, what works for Pace is that he just doesn’t have to think about the network. Instead, he can rest assured that it’s going to be up and that his coworkers will be able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively while he focuses his time on other areas, such as his other efforts around improving the company's cyber-security.

In terms of network-related tickets, Pace estimates he’s had almost none since adopting Meter’s solution. And if he needs to open a ticket with Meter, he knows it will be sorted in no time. “If I need to open a ticket, it must be something drastic that must be resolved immediately. Otherwise, I know Meter’s team will find it and sort it.”

“My key metric is simple: it’s the absence of network-related tickets in my inbox.”

To find out how Meter can help your company limit network downtime, save on IT infrastructure spend, and bring you the peace of mind Pace has found—reach out to our team of experts today.