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Billing and Payments

How do I pay for Meter?

We’ll send you invoices. When you receive the invoice, you can send the payment via credit card or ACH using Stripe’s processing. If you would like to send a check, please reach us at and we will provide you with our mailing address.

Billing and Payments

How does my existing contract roll over to a new space when I move?

When you move, we update your contract to reflect the new location and size of the office. Your move-in date becomes the new Effective Date and starts a new term. If there are months remaining on the previous contract (i.e. you moved within 12 months of the term), we will apply the pro-rated balance (rounded up to the nearest 10) toward the new contract as a credit.

Billing and Payments

When is my bill due?

Our standard terms are payment due within thirty (30) days after the date of invoice, in US Dollars. Please see your specific Customer Agreement for full details. You should get a signed copy of the Customer Agreement once all parties have signed. If you need a new copy, reach out to and we will send one over. 

Billing and Payments

How does Meter invoice me?

We use Stripe for all billing. Invoices will be sent out within one month of the Effective Date, which is the first day your network is live, unless negotiated otherwise. 

Billing and Payments
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