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Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Our office is in San Francisco, in the SoMa neighborhood. We’re right by the SF Giants ballpark and the Caltrain station on 4th and King St. 


Where do you operate?

Our current customers are spread across Northern California. We are piloting a few other cities around the contiguous 48 states. If we aren’t already on the ground where you are, we’re happy to give recommendations.


How long have you been around?

We’ve been around for 6 years. We spent the first 3.5 years building the hardware and working closely with experts in networking. We spent the next 12 months testing the product on live pilot networks and the last 18 months, we’ve been selling the product to companies like yours.


What is Meter?

Meter is the easiest way to get the best internet and WiFi for your office. Meter takes care of everything, from internet service provider (ISP) selection and installation to ongoing support and network maintenance. We combine powerful software, custom hardware, and dedicated experts to provide dramatically better internet speed, security, and reliability. This allows your company to focus on what it does best, avoiding the ongoing distraction and many hours of lost productivity to IT issues.

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