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How much does Meter cost?

We charge by the square foot, billed monthly. Adjustments to our starting rate will be made depending on the scope of work and length of service. If you have existing hardware, we'll work with you to uninstall it and buy the equipment as a credit to your account.

Most internet companies will bill you separately for the hardware, licenses, installation, configuration, maintenance, and support. With Meter, since we will be your single provider, you only have to pay one monthly bill--there are no hidden fees or additional charges.


Is Meter expensive?

Our process is different from a “traditional” IT vendor or MSP. Some vendors will only handle the upfront setup and not the ongoing support; others will only handle the ongoing maintenance and not help with initial setup. With Meter, we handle everything for you and we don’t tack on additional charges. We believe the people who built the network should be the ones who manage it. When compared to overall IT spend through traditional methods, Meter is a better deal. Our pricing is transparent from day one, and you’ll never get a surprising monthly bill full of incidental one-off charges.


What kind of discounts do you offer?

We will buy back your existing commercial/enterprise networking gear and apply the amount as a credit toward your Meter bill. If you’ve already contracted a cabling vendor, we’ll mark down our pricing to reflect the decreased scope of work. We’re happy to work with you to find the best solution that works for your needs.


I already have a cabling vendor. How does Meter pricing change?

We’ll work with your vendor to make sure our scopes are aligned and do not overlap. Depending on the scope of work, we will mark down our pricing to reflect work that your cabling vendor is already handling.


How do you charge for additional work?

If you have additional requirements other than what falls within our standard scope, we’ll work with you on finding a solution that best fits your needs. 


Is the rate the same when I move?

The price when you move will be a reflection of our current market pricing, taking into account the square footage of your new space. If you move within a term (1 year), we’ll apply the remaining balance toward the new agreement reflecting the new square footage and new term. We will never increase your fees without at least a 60 day notice.


How much do support and maintenance cost?

We bundle everything under a simple rate, based on the square footage of your office. We don’t charge extra for ongoing support or maintenance. This includes any upgrades or swaps as we release new versions of our hardware.

At Meter, we pride ourselves on high-touch premium support.

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