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I’m currently using a consumer router. Should I switch to Meter?

We usually see issues with using consumer equipment start at around 15 - 20 users. Consumer hardware is great for home networks, where fewer people have relatively low bandwidth requirements. Consumer gear often uses a mesh system, which exacerbates issues in a work environment since the access points have to communicate with each other as well as with all the clients. You can expect network performance issues around 10 - 12 people. Unreliable WiFi will significantly affect productivity, so we recommend being proactive by setting up enterprise WiFi in advance of that.


What vendors do you use for your hardware?

We don't resell other vendors' hardware. We design and manufacture the firewalls and access points ourselves and write the firmware as well. Meter hardware is future-proof and enterprise-grade, ready to scale with you. We believe those who build the hardware should manage it as well.


Why don’t I have to pay for Meter’s hardware?

We believe in easy procurement and smooth purchasing. We don’t believe setting up your network should be done piecemeal by trading quality for savings or up-charging and additional costs. We will do whatever it takes to ensure a high quality of service for your network. We don't measure success based on how many devices we install. Swaps and upgrades are included.


I have enterprise hardware already. What would I do with it if I switched to Meter?

We design our own hardware for our builds, which we would install at your site. For your existing hardware, we will happily buy it back and apply the repurchase amount as a credit toward your Meter account.


What’s different about Meter’s Hardware?

In short, not much. Meter manufactures our own wireless hardware and security appliances / routers. Meter’s wireless access points have virtually the same hardware specs and components as the other commercially available. We firmly believe that hardware in this space is commoditized and the end-user experience is differentiated by our software, turnkey set up, and ongoing expert support.


Why do you manufacture your own hardware?

We choose to make our own hardware because we think the people who make the hardware should manage the network. We’re able to improve on our hardware by observing ourselves how our customers interact with their networks. We’re able improve our customers’ networks more precisely because we know our hardware so well, since we make it ourselves.

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